Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I go on vacation?

  1. Gift your box to a friend or neighbor and arrange for them to pick it up.

  2. Donate your box to the Bar Harbor Food Pantry by calling the farm 24 hours prior to delivery


Can I Split a Share with Another Family?

Yes. Many individual members choose to find a friend or family member to share their produce with, either splitting the produce at the site each week, or alternating weekly pick-ups.  Feel free to work out arrangements to suit your needs.


I am concerned about getting too much produce.  How big is a share?

Our full shares are designed for families or couples that eat at home five to seven days a week.  There will be between 8 and 12 items in your share each week.  Your share will include a balance of greens, cooking vegetables and snacking items.  Our petite shares are designed for couples that eat at home three to five times a week.  Check out the list of vegetables planned for this season on the Share Options page. 


What is that strange vegetable?  

Most of our vegetables are easily recognized.  Occasionally, we offer something that you may not find in the grocery store.  We will offer cooking tips and recipes in our weekly newsletter to guide new culinary adventures.  


Can I buy vegetables in bulk?  

We often have extra produce including paste tomatoes, pickling cukes, cabbage, carrot seconds, big zucchinis, etc.  CSA members get 10% off bulk prices on these items.  Email your orders in 24 hours before CSA pick-up day and we will bring your order to pick-up.