Rose (left) and Glenon (right) in the fields at Bar Harbor Farm

Rose (left) and Glenon (right) in the fields at Bar Harbor Farm

Glenon Friedmann likes to grow food. This is her ninth season farming on Mount Desert Island. She is a graduate from the MOFGA Journeyperson Program and goes to sleep at night reading about soil chemistry. Her favorite vegetable is a carrot: sturdy, nutritious, keeps well, sweet and tender when grown with care. The vegetable has some crunch to it.

Rose Avenia ran her own CSA in Vermont for a number of years before returning to Bar Harbor in 2014.  She has high standards for vegetables and weed control and is especially excited about compost and orchards and (well, she is just enthusiastic about everything). Her favorite garden vegetable: “the snap pea…and melons…and rutabagas…and asparagus…and cauliflower. Do I have to stop? Can’t wait for them all!”


Sara Lyons is passionate about local food and sustainability.  She uses her degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition to understand the science of growing vegetables and strategies to make local food systems work for everyone.  When not working hard in the fields, Sara can be found hiking, kayaking or training for her next marathon.  Her favorite vegetable is the cucumber.  She likes to eat five of them every day.

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Clara Ruppert could not be more excited to be a part of Bar Harbor Farm for the upcoming 2018 season. A Pittsburgh, PA native, she is currently a student pursuing a sustainable agriculture degree at the University of Maine. This summer will be her 3rd season working on farms in New England. In her spare time, Clara does a lot of hiking, cooking, reading, and playing guitar to her cat (who has mixed feelings about being serenaded). Her favorite vegetable, if she absolutely had to pick just one, would have to be sweet peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, onions, summer squash, carrots, and potatoes.

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Susan Fox comes from a rich background in landscaping, greenhouse management, farming, and horse training. She has spent her life growing things. When asked about her favorite vegetable, she responded: “My favorite vegetables are the ones grown with great respect for the ecosystem. I believe that our health depends on the quality of our food. Any vegetable that can improve or aid my health is my favorite vegetable at that time. It is cruel to try and pick just one favorite vegetable, as it is cruel for a parent to pick a favorite child. They are all special and unique in their own way and in their own intensity…”

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Gary Friedmann, related to Glenon by marriage, is the go-to special projects man on the farm. You may find him fixing the fence, mowing the perimeter, helping at pickups, and bookkeeping. Gary likes all the good things that come from growing organic food locally -- healthier and happier people, an economically sustainable community, pastoral landscapes. . . His favorite vegetable is the giant pumpkin. He loves its outrageous size, shapes, colors and habit of lurking under sprawling vines until growing too big to hide. At Halloween this vegetable brings delight to children and lights up the night.



Tom Walsh, a retired Vermont Special Ed school teacher, is now applying his mechanical and problem-solving talents to the tasks at Bar Harbor Farm. When he isn't banging away at the renovation of the 100-year-old farmhouse on the property, he can be found cutting wood, mowing fields, fixing equipment; and, occasionally, sneaking away for a bike ride, a hike, or kayak excursion in Frenchman's Bay. His favorite vegetable is the onion. "You can't do with out them."