We provide our neighbors with organic, delicious and nourishing vegetables, produced with the highest standards in farming practices.

Glenon, Rose and crew are passionate about what they do and work so very hard to give our community the freshest, most nutritious and delicious produce. My absolute favorite day of the week is veggie pickup day.
— Lauren Koncinsky, CSA Member

The soil is a complex microbial community that we must sustain and feed in order to ensure its long-term health. We aim to keep the nearby watershed pristine and the air pure.

Food is the most basic common interest of humanity. Our aim is to encourage delight in this shared common interest, and to foster a deeper understanding of how food grows. Sustainable practices include sustaining farmers. As this work is being done we strive to juggle all the variables so we are well rested and fairly compensated for our labors.


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Besides picking up beautiful, delicious, fresh, organic produce, our weekly trips to the farm bring us together with like-minded souls who also value and appreciate the hard work and thought that goes into everything Bar Harbor Farm does. Putting together a bouquet of flowers that we cut ourselves is meditation in motion. Without a doubt, the CSA is the highlight of our summer and fall.
— Jenn & Don Brandt, CSA Members
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